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It is a solution to complete the waterproof protection on terraces and balconies thanks to the thermoweld bowl with the membrane WATER-STOP.
G-FLEX is an uncoupling membrane which waterproofs all types of surfaces regardless of the conditions such as old, new, humid, or dry, and whether it is cracked in plain or may be subjected to dimensional movements. This is due to the advantage of the uncoupling sheet for hygrometric contraction and thermal expansion.
Waterproofing film but permeable to water vapor. Resistant and lightweight, it is installed very simply. Recommended for use on roofs with an inclination greater than 6%.
Designer Drains
Are you looking for an ideal designer drain for your shower? Discover all the drains and gutters of designs that we have in Estil Guru and start giving it this special touch that was missing to complete your bathroom. Our design team, together with the R + D + I team, are in charge of continuing to innovate day after day and ensure that the equivalence between design and quality is absolute.

With Experience, Precision & Innovation, Ozone Provides Highly Technical, Practical and Commercially Viable Construction Solutions

We provide solutions adapted to your project needs by our team of Engineers and other technical professionals.

We provide innovative solutions, backed by careful research.

We provide reliable products aimed at satisfying the expectations of our customers.

Globally trusted Construction Material

Stop the humidity…
Forward to innovation…

OZONE O3 Pty ltd. partners with reputable European construction material manufacturers such as ESTIL GURÚ

ESTIL GURÚ, S.L. is a Spanish company wellestablished
in the construction industry whose growth
has been achieved thanks to the manufacture and sale of
waterproofing products. Utilizing an innovative waterproof
membrane, which has been carefully designed and
extensively tested to guarantee perfect results.
We named this waterproofing membrane WATER-STOP.

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